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Our Office Policies

Scheduled Appointment Cancellations or Changes:
Your time is important to us. To ensure that you receive the attention that you deserve we use an appointment system. This allows us to reserve time exclusively for you. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment we require 48 notice by phone to make a change. This will allow another individual needing our care to take advantage of that appointment and our team members to properly reallocate their time.

Changes to scheduled appointments must be made by phone at 416.785.8586 and WILL NOT be accepted through this website.
We reserve the right to apply a charge to your account if 48 hours notice is not provided.

Payment for Services Rendered:
Payment for services provided is due in full on the day of your appointment. We accept most insurance plans and will submit your claims electronically for you when possible. You are responsible for any portion of your treatment that is not covered by your policy. Assignment of benefits - we bill electronically for your convenience.

We accept cash, debit, and most major credit cards. Financing can be arranged through Dentalcard if pre-arranged before your appointment (we would be pleased to help).

Dental Insurance:
Decisions regarding dental treatment are based on a professional dental examination, patient medical history, patient's goals and desires as well as an explanation of available options when creating an appropriate treatment plan. These decisions are not based on a patient's dental insurance coverage.

If you have dental coverage as part of your medical benefits please remember that your insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company/employer.

Please provide our reception team member with your policy information and we will ensure that you have all required information when submitting your claims to your insurance provider. We will submit your claims electronically for you.

We have no direct link to your insurance provider. Unless prearranged before your appointment, you are responsible for the balance on your account at the time of your appointment. Dental coverage is often valued at a percentage of the cost leaving a balance after the insurance has paid. This co-payment is a matter between the patient and their respective employers. We have no control over the amount. The portion that is not paid for by the insurance company is the responsibility of the member and is due at the time of the appointment.

Note: If arranged prior to the appointment, we will work with individuals to arrange financial terms that are both beneficial to the patient and our office.

Website Statistical Data Collection:
Information collected will be used for statistical data regarding website performance and not associated with individual users.

Email and Information Submitted through our Website Forms:
We respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared unless required by law. Your information is protected using all reasonable means and will only be used as you have granted us permission. If you have been added to one of our email lists and no longer wish to receive mass communications from our office, simply click the unsubscribe link included in any of our emailed publications.

Website Content:
All information provided on this site is for reference purposes only. If you are interested in learning more about any dental service we offer please contact our office directly. A consultation with a professional is required before any dental procedure is undertaken. This consultation will be used to assess your situation, expectations and the appropriateness of the procedure for meeting your goals while ensuring your health and safety.

External Website Links:
The content on websites we link to is maintained and monitored by parties outside of our control. If you have any concerns regarding the content of a website that we link to, please advise us and we will review our link. We can not however be held responsible for content found on third party websites.

Our Practice Name:
The legally registered name of the practice represented throughout this website is Dr. Nick Babatsikos Dentistry Professional Corporation (dba Lawrence West Dental). For simplicity and to avoid potential confusion the practice will be referred to as 'Lawrence West Dental' in all instances on this website.

Please contact our office at (416) 785-8586 for a detail explanation of any of Our Policies.

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