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September 2012: Back to School Edition

This morning when I walked towards the office, I had to pause and look at a sight that I had almost forgotten was inevitable. It was a lone yellow leaf on the ground. I looked up at the tree and I could have sworn it was green yesterday. The first day of Autumn (September 22) is approaching, but I guess my tree already knew that.

Are you in Back to School Mode?

Whether you have children in the house or not, fall's routine can feel more demanding than summer's. Perhaps the shorter days make it feel as if you have less time to accomplish things, or the pace of people around us changes. Regardless of the reason, take a moment everyday to relax and breath. While the immediate effect may not be obvious, stress and oral health are related. Stress contributes to grinding and clenching teeth, canker sores and even gum disease. We suggest starting your day off with breakfast and thinking positively about the day ahead while you brush your teeth and floss. This will give you a few minutes to help ward off some of that lingering daily stress.

If you are looking for something with minimal stress to do with family or friends, apple and pear picking season is back! Freshly picked fruits make a great snack and can often be stored for making pies, treats and meals that will remind you of your adventure to the farm.

If you are in Toronto on September 29 be sure to check out Nuit Blanche. Explore the city and be inspired with thousands of your neighbours. Remember to bring a camera and feel free to share your photos with us, as we may include them in next month's eNewsletter.

Have a safe and healthy month,

Dr. Nick Babatsikos and Team

Office News

Congratulations to newlyweds Dorothy and Kosta. All the LWD staff attended her wedding. She was by far the most stunning picture perfect bride we have ever seen. We hope they are having fun of their honeymoon in Cuba.

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In last month's newsletter we had a small trivia about Dorothy's wedding. The question was "Do you remember the date of her upcoming wedding?"
Wedding Trivia Winner was.............. Michelle Parkes!
Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your Bath and Body Works candle's from their Signature Collection!!

Last month's Social Networking Contest winner is....

Mark Sky! Congratulations won the Gift Certificates To the Beer Store!

Don't forget to tell your friends and family to "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter to keep up to date with our great social media contests! The next winner could be YOU!

Attention to all Parents with children attending school in TDSB & TCDSB.

The first Professional Activity Day of the new school year is on Friday, November 16th, 2012.
Lawrence West Dental will be open for business. Contact our office to schedule in the kids for their dental appointments.

Sport Season Is Upon Us.
Make sure you children are well equipped. Don't forget to check their custom mouth guards. They need to fit well in order to get the most best protection possible.

If your children require a new custom mouth guard contact our office. Custom team colors available! Contact us for details!

Agressive Brushing

Are you brushing your teeth away?

A common problem that patients complain about is sensitive teeth. One of the avoidable causes of sensitive teeth that is truly 'in your hands' is aggressive brushing. Many people are under the misconception that brushing harder with a firm bristled tooth brush will better clean their teeth. This, coupled with an improper brushing technique (using a back and forth motion) can damage enamel, exposing dentin and resulting in tooth sensitivity.

Using a soft bristle brush, a proper technique, along with regular cleanings at our office, will be more effective at keeping your smile beautiful and healthy.

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Fall Cleaning

Like it or not, summer is coming to an end. While we still have several warm days ahead of us, the night air is already getting brisk. Now is a good time to get a head start on preparing your home for colder months. Since the leaves are still in the trees where they belong, we suggest getting started inside your home.

A good tip when cleaning is to start from the top and work your way down.

If your light fixtures have a dome cover or shape that collects dust and flies, take them down and give them a good wipe. While you're up there dust off the ceiling moldings and any cob webs that may have appeared in the corners.

Your windows have likely been open to let in the fresh air. With the air also came dust and particles from outside.
Remove your screens and hose them down with soap and water.
Vacuum the blinds and window treatments, clean the inside frames with a damp cloth and wash the inside surface of the glass. You'll be surprised how much has likely accumulated on these surfaces.

Remove the pillows from upholstered surfaces and vacuum thoroughly. If you haven't shampooed them in a while, now is a good time. Move all furniture into the centre of the room and have a good laugh at the dust bunnies and missing items you find. Vacuum and clean the floor and baseboards around the room.

If you've been thinking of rearranging the furniture, now is a good time or you can simply put the room back together how you started.

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