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March 2013: Spring Fitness!


After the Winter Storm of 2013, it's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner!

March 20th is the first day of spring. Certainly many around our office are anxiously awaiting the warmer temperatures. For many of you, March Break is also quickly approaching. This is a great time to come in for a cleaning or catch up on a treatment that you may have started last year.

Nutrition Month
Nutrition Month is hosted annually by the Dietitians of Canada. This year's theme is 'Best Food Forward: Plan, Shop, Cook, Enjoy!' What you eat plays an integral role in your wellbeing, and directly affects your oral health. You can visit this link for some helpful tips and tools regarding nutrition and your health, and to learn more about Nutrition Month. As always, we encourage you to learn more about your health, and remember that the kitchen is a great place to try new things.

March Break is coming up - this is a great time to contact our office to schedule a visit!

LWD will be open for business on Easter Monday, April 1st

Until next month, stay warm and keep smiling,

Dr. Nick Babatsikos and Team

The Best Social Media Contest!

Our ongoing Social Networking Contest can win you a "Six month General Membership" to the Columbus Centre Athletic Club.


What a great way to follow your new years resolution! You don't need to be a patient at Lawrence West Dental all you need to do is like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join us on Linked In or simply drop off a business card at our office.

Spread the news to friends and family about Lawrence West Dental! It's that easy to win win win @ LWD

The contest deadline is March 31st, 2013. We'll see you online!

Office News

We Will Continue Our Fundrasing Efforts!

We here at Lawrence West Dental are proud to be supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Heart Month Campaign. We will continue our fundraising efforts throughout March! Our staff members have each set a personal wellness goal for the month and invite you to join our efforts in raising awareness and much needed funds this Heart Month!

Please visit this link to make a donation and help us reach our $1,000 fundraising goal. We'll be entering our supporters into a draw for a $100.00 Gift Card to Metro Grocery Store at the end of March. Together we can help create healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke! Donations may also be made by contacting Jessica Brayne at the Heart & Stroke Foundation 416-489-7111 x 739.

Tanya's Trip To Vegas!

Tanya and her boyfriend Jeff just got back from a exciting getaway in Las Vegas. Guess which celebrity they met...... Chumlee from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop!

Columbus Centre Athletic Club Discount!

Lawrence West Dental and the Columbus Centre Athletic Club share the common belief that the overall good health of our community is of utmost importance.

LWD is proud to announce the Corporate Discount Partnership with the Columbus Centre Athletic Club.

All customers of Lawrence West Dental will receive a 15% discount on all regular priced memberships for members between the ages of 26-64. This discount applies to both the General membership and the Health Club membership.

For more information please contact: Frieda Babatsikos at 416-785-8586 or email or Jacinta Whelan at 416-789-7011 x 217 or email

We believe in building strong community relations!

Morning Breath or Something More Serious?

There you are, it's Saturday morning and you have the whole day ahead of you. You roll over and look at your better half and decide to give them a good morning kiss. But wait!!! What's been brewing in your mouth over night?

Here's a question - if we floss and brush before we go to bed and settle down to sleep with a fresh mouth every night, why is it that just mere hours later, we wake up with dreaded "morning breath"?

The simple answer is that during the day, saliva works as your body's own natural mouthwash, washing away bacteria and particles that cause bad breath. While we sleep, saliva production decreases and our mouths dry out, providing the perfect environment for odour-causing bacteria.

Bad breath (or "halitosis", as it's officially known) can come from a number of different sources, such as a dry mouth, decomposition of food particles in and around your teeth, and foods (such as garlic and cabbage) that contain certain sulphur compounds. Halitosis can also reflect medical conditions, such as chronic infections in the lungs to kidney and liver failure. Dieting and fasting can slow down the stimulation of saliva flow and result in "offensive" breath. Talking for long periods of time will dry out your mouth with the same result.

Click here to continue reading.

Money Matters

Help your home get noticed!

RE/MAX and Landscape Ontario want to help one lucky winner update the curb appeal of their home with custom designed landscaping.

You could win:
  • A consultation and customized landscape design
  • Advice on all your gardening questions
  • A gardener's care package
  • $10,000 to be redeemed on garden products and services with a Landscape Ontario member

Learn More

More next time on Money Matters...

Maria Tsiaousidis
Sales Representative
Re/Max Ultimate Realty Inc., Brokerage
Office: (416) 487-5131
Mobile: (416) 409-9217

Black Bean Salad with Fresh Mint

Legumes are plant-based foods that are packed with nutrients and can be instrumental to maintaining your overall health. They are high in protein, soluble and insoluble fibre and low in cholesterol. Legumes can be helpful in weight control, low in aid in digestion and extremely versatile, making them easy to incorporate in your diet.

This month we've included an easy-to-make salad that can be used as a satisfying lunch or great side to any dinner.

Click here for the recipe.

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