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July 2015: Tips, eNews & More!

Happy Canada Day!

Summer is in full swing and if you have kids at home, they are more than likely getting up later in the morning. It's easy to just give them a sugary bowl of cereal and get on with the day, but that is not doing them any favours when it comes to their oral and overall health. Try to provide fresh seasonal fruit for kids and foods like eggs which make a great snack and are a good source of protein without the sugars contained in so many breakfast meals.

Summer nights may also come with later bedtimes, after a full day outside in the sun, make sure your family tends to their teeth before bed. Sugar can cause tooth decay so it's important for kids to brush and rinse before hitting the pillow. Practice the 3-2-1 rule:

Eat 3 healthy meals, brush 2 times, and floss 1 time every day. Click here for more summertime health tips.

Now is the time to get you and your child to the dentist for a regular check-up. It's always good to take advantage of this time when your child won't have to miss school to get that necessary dental check-up. Click here to request an appointment.

Summer fun means lots of smiles – keep your child's smile healthy.

Have a great month,

Dr. Nick Babatsikos and Team

Office News

Our hygienist, Dorothy, had her baby! We are so excited and honoured to share the wonderful news of the arrival of Dorothy's baby...BOY!

It's got a cute nose and big round eyes;
It's created excitement you can't disguise;
It's a wonderful baby from a perfect pair,
And that's reason enough for a great fanfare.


Congratulations Dorothy & Kosta on your new arrival.
Our office will be closed July 1& 2 and we will be closed for the Canada long weekend!

More Summer News


School's out for summer! And we're excited that Dr.Nick & Frieda's boys will be a part of the LWD Team helping out at the office!


Zoom is here!

Have your teeth lost that pearly white shine? Or maybe you're just looking to give your teeth that extra bright glow!

We would love for you to come check out our new ZOOM! in-office whitening treatments for those looking for a healthy and naturally brilliant smile, in just one 1-2 hour session.

This quick and easy teeth whitening treatment is highly effective and one of our most popular cosmetic procedures.

If you'd like to bring out the whiteness in your teeth, Dr. Babatsikos would be happy to talk to you about the results you can expect to see in your smile.

Frozen Fruit Pops

When it's hot outside and you're looking to quench your thirst, water is the best thing for you! However, we know the heat can sometimes make you crave sweets and in the heat, a refreshing sugary fruit juice is hard to resist, so why not try our Frozen Fruit Pop recipe instead? They are much healthier than many concentrated fruit juices you find in the grocery store and, because it's frozen, it'll cool you down and take longer to finish which means you are less likely to overindulge. Try our recipe, or use your favourite fruits.

Click here for the recipe!

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Lawrence West Dental and the Columbus Centre Athletic Club share the common belief that the overall good health of our community is of utmost importance.

LWD is proud to announce the Corporate Discount Partnership with the Columbus Centre Athletic Club. For more info, please contact us.

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