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August 2017: Tips, ENews & More!

August is here, and as the last month of summer, spend it however you like - this month's for you. There's still plenty of time and warm weather to go around, including another long weekend thanks to the Civic holiday on the 7th. So with all that breathing room, why not come in for a check-up before things get hectic in September? For kids especially, now is a perfect time to visit the dentist before school interferes with scheduling.

Speaking of school, post secondary students should set aside some time this month to investigate their school's dental coverage - you'd rather have your oral healthcare sorted out now, not when you're also dealing with a pile of homework.

Do the best for your teeth while it's convenient - we'll be waiting!

Wishing you a safe and happy summer!

Dr. Nick Babatsikos and Team

Office Closures

The office is currently closed for summer holidays.

We will be open on Monday, August 14 at 10:00am

A Warm Welcome to Two of the Newest LWD Team

Dr. John Spillane is a graduate of the University of Cork College Dental School (UCC), Ireland. Dr. John moved to Toronto with his Canadian fiancee.

In between, Dr. John has spent several months traveling around south east Asia and South America. He loves learning about different cultures and history. Dr. John has played Gaelic Football since 1999-2012, for the University of Cork as well as for his hometown in Ireland. He is a keen sports fan and has already picked up a passion for the Leafs and Blue Jays!


Ivana is an honours graduate from George Brown College having completed the Level II Dental Assisting Program.

Ivana enjoys learning new things everyday and believes that no matter what you do in life the learning will never stop. "My favourite part of the day is having a chat with patients to see how things are going! I love getting to know people and the patients that come through those doors brighten my day."

During her spare time Ivana loves to be with friends and family, going for long walks along the lake with her dog and trying out new recipes!


Farewell to our hygienist Jill Myatt who has moved to Edmonton, Alberta to further her education and be close to her family!

Congratulations to Alicia & Dave!

The most beautiful summer wedding for a perfect couple ♥.

Fluoride: Here's what you should know

You're probably familiar with Fluoride - you're usually given some at the end of each of your dental cleanings. But what actually is fluoride? and how does it help our teeth? Considering fluoride's prominent usage at the dentist - and its presence in our drinking water - these are questions worth answering.

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Roasted Balsamic Chicken with Baby Tomatoes

Chicken is an amazing source of protein, but there's no doubt it needs a little dressing up. Balsamic vinegar and baby tomatoes make an excellent accompaniment, packing big flavor without excess fat or sugar - even better, they're quintessential summer ingredients.

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