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August 2014: Tips, eNews & More!

Office News
The Lawrence West Dental team really enjoyed their time off the first week of August:

Tanya enjoying herself at the cottage in North Bay!


Lisa and Alicia not only love working together but they enjoyed a little getaway together to Niagara Falls.


Dorothy is enjoying Greece with her husband!

Dr. Nick, Frieda and the boys all relaxed by the pool and enjoyed some quality family time!


Warm weather, long days and so much to do!

There's always a palpable hurry in August to get as much done before the summer is over and it's time to go back to school.

The CNE at Exhibition Place is always a fun place to be on a summer's day. If you're like most people, a must-see attraction is the famed Food Building wherein you'll find all sorts of fantastical delights. (Don't tell them your dentist sent you!)

While it's fun to be gluttonous and enjoy yourself every once and a while, be sure to take care of your mouth and avoid eating anything too hot, too spicy, or too sugary. At the very least, chew sugar-free gum (preferably a gum like Trident Xtra Care Gum) after you eat. Chewing sugar-free gum helps protect your teeth and gums between meals as it helps the mouth to produce more saliva - the mouth's natural defense against acid. And don't forget: chewing sugar-free gum is no substitution for brushing, so make sure you still brush your teeth when you get home.

School is just around the corner...

If you are heading off to college or university, bring your good oral health habits along with you. Be sure to check your school's student health plan as it may include dental coverage. Remember to review the coverage offered to you and let us know if you have any questions.

As for the younger kids, August is a great time to come in for a checkup before the hectic school year begins. Call or click here today to book an appointment.

Our office will be closed on Labour Day and will reopen on September 2nd.

We hope you're enjoying your summer,

Dr. Nick Babatsikos and Team

Camping with a Smile!

Mouthguards are flexible dental appliances worn by athletes to protect teeth from possible damage. They are usually made of plastic materials that fit comfortably over your teeth and gums. There are over-the-counter variations available, but for the highest level of protection we recommend a custom fitted mouthguard that is made specifically for your smile.

Mouthguards prevent the lower jaw from impacting into the upper jaw, averting major injuries such as concussions, jaw fractures, neck injuries as well as limiting bruising and laceration of the lips and cheeks.

Click here for dental camping tips!

Hawaiian BBQ Kabobs

Looking for the perfect recipe for your backyard BBQ? Fire up the grill and prepare for a culinary escape to paradise with these yummy Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs!

This recipe features succulent chicken (marinated to perfection for best results!), pineapple chunks and ground ginger. Enjoy a flavourful treat this weekend, but remember to keep this recipe on hand; you'll definitely be revisiting it for many summers to come!

Click here for the full recipe!

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LWD is proud to announce the Corporate Discount Partnership with the Columbus Centre Athletic Club. For more info, please contact us.

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